7.9 Get list of all template paths in a project (global or otherwise)

I’m trying to produce a list of all templates in a project (including the global project), which there isn’t a python function for, so I’ve found the resources within the config.idb:

However, their full path doesn’t seem to be stored in the same table, I only see the resource name.
Where would I find a list of the parent paths?

If I remember the old project resources system correctly, the PARENTUUID is a reference to the containing folder, which will either be a special singleton root folder (as in your screenshot) or some other resource (type __folder). The UUID of that folder resource will be encoded in the data property of the folder. It’ll be a 16-byte binary representation of the UUID. You’ll have to (recursively) walk that sequence of folders up to get the full path to nested resources.

If it doesn’t go without saying: Doing what you’re doing isn’t supported. :slight_smile:

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