[7.9] Mitsubishi Q Series Connection Issues Causing Data Loss

Hello everyone

We have had a problem, our have conextion between PLC and Ignition, our PLC is Mitsubishi Q series and we user Ignition 7.9 version, we have conexion but some time we lost this data send to PLC.

we check the conexion between PLC and Ignition send ping and we see the communication is OK but we don't recivede the data.

and only see this status of lost conexion

we check all the conexion and is ok

and we used the wireshark for check the conection and we recived this error too

next when the PLC reset we have the conection againt, but I like know what is the rason for lost the conexion and if we do any for this.

Are there any messages in the logs of either the gateway or the vision client around the time that you had a connection issue? Any recent changes to your network by IT?

no we don't changes in our network and we don't recivet any messages in the logs about this.

if we connect to the Mitsubishi software we can enter the PLC configuration.


only we don't recived the data