7.9 Report Designer UI Annoyances

Anyone else find the following items annoying? Am I doing something wrong? creating reports seems far more tedious than it needs to be.

  1. To edit a cell property, such as it’s width, the property inspector must be set to “Properties”. When clicking another cell to adjust it (width, number format, whatever), the Property Inspector switches to “Edit Text”, so to set many columns up, need to constantly change the Property Inspector tab for each one. This takes forever, since switching tabs seems to take a full second.

  2. Cannot select multiple table cells (TextShape) and apply formatting or other properties.

  3. Cannot set a column width for all rows at once, have to set up all row-sections independently.

  4. When alternate rows are set up, have to adjust everything individually for each row, even if you just want alternating background colors.

  5. Cells tend to re-order themselves when adjusting widths with the mouse

  6. When having script or other errors, there is no way to read the full error message. The message at the bottom of the screen is cut off, and can’t be opened to read it all.

Any advice or suggestions appreciated.



Have to agree, I’m wasting plenty of time on a project because reporting is much more tedious than one would think.

Yep, totally agree, the Report Designer seems extremely disjointed from the rest of the Ignition experience. It takes far too long to get anything looking good in there!