7.9 to 8.0.10 Uncertain Tag Values

This one is a bit odd and I couldn’t find anything in the error logs to track this issue down specifically.

The basics of the scenario are:

  • Restoring a production 7.9 backup against a development 8.0.10 environment.

  • Repoint the dev (8.0.10) environment to local PLCs (loaded with same program as prod).

  • OPC Browser indicates everything is fine. Tags are being written and read correctly all statuses look fine.

  • When viewing the vision pages however, all elements are grayed out and images are not loaded.

  • Run diagnostics say that statuses are ‘uncertain’

  • Creating new element from UDT template results in the same condition

  • If we create a new vision template (just contains a button with its text value bound to the system name of the button) and drop that templated object onto ANY vision screen. The entire vision side of the project just lights up and starts reading as expected.

I’m only guessing that something in the gateway is in a weird state when the backup is restored and for some reason throwing a new vision template object onto a screen causes a buffer to be flushed or an internal script to be run and everything picks back up.

Curious if anyone has seen anything similar, or if there are specific startup steps that should be taken when restoring from 7.x to 8.x.