7.9 to 8.0 upgrade, strings in UDT went to null

In Ignition 7.9, I have a datatype within a datatype (inception…), and in that inner datatype for each attribute 1 2 and 3 I have name, prescribed value, and units. In ignition 7.9 it displays like this on my interface screen:
This shows some data for attribute 1, but attributes 2 and 3 properties are all empty strings (length 0).

When I upgraded the project to 8, all those string values are displayed as null:

As you can see, the first null for attribute 2 is missing. This is because I went to the tag browser for that tag, double clicked in the value field and then clicked out of the value field without pressing anything on the keyboard. Now it’s a string of length 0. Also, when I create a new parent datatype independent of the tags from the import, the string tags initialize to null. I noticed this behavior before when we were on ignition 7.8.3, and it went away when I went to 7.9.10. Now it’s back in 8.0. How do I deal with this? I’d prefer not to have to initialize every tag in the datatype, it’s a very large list of tags and scripting that would be a pain in the bum.