7.9 User Manual

I seem to be unable to get the 7.9 user manual on line. I’m automatically directed to the 8.0 manual. The link for the off line manual still seems to point to 7.9. I seem to recall there being a way to select versions.

This is the 7.9 manual Getting Started - Ignition User Manual 7.9 - Ignition Documentation
About the place where you can select which manual you want, you can find it here:


If one is working in 7.9, wouldn’t it be best to go there directly instead of going to 8.0?

The manual link built into the 7.9 designer just goes to docs.inductiveautomation.com, which is updated by Training to the current release. Going forward (ie, including 8.0) all links in the software will be permanent links to the appropriate version.