8.0.0 OPC server name changed ?!

When I upgraded a 7.9 project to 8.0.0 none of my tags worked. I looked and the reason was that the Ignition OPC server name had changed from “Ignition OPC-UA Server” to “Ignition OPC UA Server” (no hyphen). I exported the XML, removed the hyphen, re-imported and the tags are working again.

Why !!! Anyone else see this issue ?

Note: my process for upgrading involved creating an empty project in a brand new gateway and directly importing my tags (I was trying to fix other issues that prevented upgrading from 7.9.10)

Replied copied from here: Imported 7.9.10 gateway but no tags

Bleh, it was changed along with all other references to “OPC-UA”. Didn’t think it would be a big deal because most people should be doing upgrades instead of importing things piecemeal from 7.9, and it’s a simple find/replace before the import if you are.

What were those issues? Have you already posted here/contacted support about them?

I just came across this issue as well.

I had a script developed on Ignition 8.0 that referenced “Ignition OPC UA Server” (no dash between “OPC” and “UA”) to make an OPC read call to a tag.

I moved the project and script to a server that was 7.9 at one point, but is 8.0.x now, and the internal server is “Ignition OPC-UA Server” (has a dash). This broke the script.

I’ll have to see if anything else references “Ignition OPC-UA Server” (with a dash), but is the recommendation to rename the server to remove the dash on these systems to bring them in-line with the newer versions?

We don’t recommend one way or the other, do whatever is going to work for you. The name is just a default and carries no additional meaning and isn’t hard coded anywhere in the platform. The loop back connection gets no special treatment compared to other connections.

So, I would like to rename the server back to having the dash. Version 8.1.23 how to do it? I was not able to find any place to change the name in the configuration pages.

with more Googling, I found it. It is here:
On the Configure page of the Gateway, go to OPC Connections > Servers.
The OPC Server Connections page is displayed.

I was stuck thinking it would be on the server setting page.

My need is to keep 2 copies of a project the same on 2 different gateways.

If I need cross-compatibility in a dev environment, I just make two loopback connections. One with, one without the dash.