8.0.10 popup in the wrong screen

Hi I wonder if this issue has already been fixed or maybe there is something strange with my environment. I am using version 8.0.10 and apart from the laptop i have 3 monitors with no scaling. Its not a big deal but slight inconvenience when the popup shows on different monitor.

Assuming Vision.
Popups windows? or native java OptionPanes?

yes vision i wonder what did you mean by native Option panes?

Are they popups you created and are calling via system.nav.* or are they message boxes being called by system.gui.*?

They are called by system.gui so for example when i put a messagebox for troubleshooting it will open on different monitor (I have 4) which exercise my neck too much :slight_smile:

Can you post your code that you are using to make the popup show up?

for example system.gui.messageBox(“test”,“test”) would trigger this behaviour
strange thing is that my colleague does not have the same problem when using the same version of ignition

Ok you may need to do something like this:

thisHandle = system.gui.getCurrentDesktop()
thisDesktop = system.gui.desktop(thisHandle)

This should grab the current desktop that the event is being called on and then getting the desktop and then showing a messageBox on that desktop.

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i will try it out later and provide feedback
many thanks