8.0.10RC1 Gateway Project Detail interface difference

I can see the launch links, and also can see the Edit history

But in ignition 8.0.10RC1,when I click detail, I see the following picture it’s interface is the same as I click Edit.

  1. In 7.9 version , i can send a link to my user, they just click then it works, do we still have these kind of smart solution?
  2. i can see the project change by whom in which time, but in 8.0.10rc1, i can’t see the detail infomation in project detail , or this function is put in some other place?
  1. No. That was implemented with Java Webstart, which was deprecated ages ago (by java) and is no longer available.

  2. If I recall correctly, this is still on the to-do list for v8 auditing.

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Project changes go into the auditing system of you’re on a recent 8.0 version. At least for now, we don’t have a plan to put the ‘project details’ page back; it was backed by a table in the internal database that tended to fill up and cause disk space issues.


OK, this is not the key issue for my job, just unfamiliar this interface compare with the old, i will be adapt to the new interface, thanks