8.0.13, Report Viewer source path not working in perspective

Hello, I am using a clean install on 8.0.13 on Linux Ubuntu 18.04. I am noticing that the report viewer is working normally using the vision module but when I attempt to render the same report using the perspective module (by changing the source property) I get "Enter a valid report in the “source” property in the Property Editor to display the report. Am I missing a portion of the full path even if I copy path from the report or is this a know issue with 8.0.13?

Thanks and happy father’s day to all.


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Assuming the report has been generated or run and resides in <your_install_directory>\Ignition\data\projects\Reference\com.inductiveautomation.reporting\reports, then you should only need to supply the report name. On my environment this was no different than the name I supplied to a Vision Report Viewer, so make sure that you’ve got the correct fontconfig package as was recommended in the previous post. If that’s already in place, you might want to consider clearing the ignition cache or looking into the Gateway logs to see if you’re encountering any errors with the modules in question (Perspective, Reporting).

Thanks that was definitely the fix, along with a quick reboot.