8.0.16 issue with CSS width:100% in embedded view

After upgrading from 8.0.12 to 8.0.16 Nightly some of embedded view that use component with width:100% get zero width. As it shows in image my Label select and its width is 100% but it display with zero width.

here is my embedded view:
TOTAL_2020-07-31_0009.zip (2.3 KB)

The issue has nothing to do with the width of the Label and everything to do with the width of the root. While clearly defined as being 58x98 - and appearing to display at that size - you can see that the root node actually has no width if you select the root node. We’re looking into what may have caused this.

As sort of a bad workaround you could temporarily set root.props.style.overflow to a value of “visible” to at least display the contents until we figure it out.

The cause seems to be the root.props.style.position property. Removing that property fixed the View (Thank @ynejati).