8.0.3 Highest UnAcked Priority not working

Just installed 8.0.3 to check if some missing alarm features were included.

I am testing the .HighesUnackedPriority but it seems to go to null when the alarm is not active. However it is possible to see that there is at least one unacknowledged alarm with the .HasUnacknowledged.

This is consistent with the 7.9 AlarmHighestUnackName prop behavior when the alarms are all in a cleared state. Did you notice a different behavior?

Jonathan C

I’m noticing a similar issue that isn’t quite consistent with 7.9
In 7.9, the AlarmHighestUnackPriority fields were numeric with the value being -1 if the alarm was acknowledged or cleared and 0-4 for whatever the active alarm priority was. However, in 8 these fields are the string versions of the priorities with the values being null when the alarm is acknowledged/cleared and High, Medium, Low, etc. when active.

I’m trying to use the Highest(Un)ackedPriority fields to find the highest priority among multiple alarms and in 7.9 I was able to simply use max(alarm1.AlarmHighestUnackPriority, alarm2.AlarmHighestUnackPriority, ...). With the string varieties of these in 8, I’m going to have to coerse these to ints first :frowning:

Yes, that’s a known issue that’s (pretty high) on our backlog to fix.

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Hey guys. I am using 8.0.11 and the number still goes null when the alarm clears. Will this issue be fixed?