8.0.7 - query remote journal and audit

@PGriffith, @awalker
in 8.0.7 nighlty,

Edge Audit & Alarm Sync + Remote Journal & Audit Profile
8288: Create a remote alarm journal profile

does this new feature include the query ?

  • system.alarm.queryJournal support a remote journal profile ?
  • system.util.queryAuditLog support a remote auditprofile ?

For the vision alarm journal component

  • Journal Name component property support a remote journal profile ?

It will be great if we can use a list of journal profil mixing local and remote…

Yes, querying will work across the GAN to a remote journal or audit profile - any function or component that queries the audit log will (should :crossed_fingers:) work fine with a remote journal/profile.

For the remote journal and audit profile, is the EAM module required? The 8.0.7 release notes don’t mention it but in the manual it says:

Alarm Journal - The alarm journal will store all alarm events locally for one week of events. There are limited configuration options; the Alarm Journal can be accessed via the Edge Alarm Journal profile. The Edge alarm journal and audit log can sync under EAM.

Edge’s licensing is getting some changes pretty soon. I don’t want to make a definitive statement that will be quickly invalidated.

Thanks Paul. Any idea on a ballpark for “pretty soon”? I’m currently working up a cost estimate/proposal for a project and trying to decide if I should include Edge as an option. Depending on which way the licensing falls would make or break Edge as an option.

The plan is 8.0.10, so quite soon. Keep an eye on the marketing feed/blog - there should be a big announcement post detailing the changes.

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Has this been implemented as of 8.0.16?

I’m not sure what you’re specifically referring to. Remote alarm journals and audit log landed in 8.0.7, per the first post in this thread. The Edge licensing changes did also happen in the meantime - I don’t know the exact version, but they’re detailed on our website: