8.0.8-rc1 missing margin in Edit Style window

If I remember correctly, there used to be options for margin in previous version. Padding is still available but not Margin.

Also, it would be nice if we can edit the raw values of these styles similarly to how we can edit the json content of the views by holding shift and right click on the the view and copy/paste json.


Margins were causing problems with some elements in Perspective so they were removed. Official response can be found here:

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Just to be clear, the margins attributes have not been removed. They just won’t show up as an editable option in the style editor. If you need margins, you can add them in manually through the JSON editor.

EDIT: Noticed that this an issue for style classes, where you wouldn’t be able to edit existing margins.

The issue I have right now is that the compiled css file would ignore all the margin in the style classes.
I have to add margins in the theme css file manually since it would take a lot of effort to go to each component that uses style class with margin and add them in manually.
E.g. here’s what the style.json file for the Card style


and this is what shows up in the compiled style.css file

Agreed. There is currently a pending fix. I will keep you posted when it gets moved forward.


I hope it return to style class again.

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In case anyone missed this.

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Thanks that’s great news. Does it include in style class for animation?

Hi @nader.chinichian,

Yes, it should be included for animated style classes.