8.0 Tag Groups / Scan Classes

I am trying to optimize my scan classes (tag groups in 8.0) and since I utilize Data Types for almost everything is there a way to pass the Tag Group from the top of the structure to the members of the data type. This way I can just highlight the top tag in my tag browser and change that tag group and all members would switch as well. I don’t want to set the tag group in the master data type because I don’t want that to populate everywhere.

At this point I have to expand all of the tags in each data type structure in the tag browser and set it that way which would be hard for hundreds of data type tags - would be really nice to just set the top structure member and it populates down for that instance only.

Pretty sure the best way to do this will require touching every tag of each data type at least once. You could bind the Tag Group to a custom “Scan Class” parameter on each Data Type parent object. Then adjust that parameter for each instance of each UDT or in the case of nesting, yet again bind to that parent object? Could be fun.

Yeah that’s what I was afraid of.

I ran across that idea of having another parameter in the data type but when setting up the tags in the tag browser the engineer who is creating the tag will need to know the exact tag group name and type it in. If I could just bind the members to the top tag group some how through scripting (does not look like that is available) then when setting up the tags you would have the drop down with the available tag groups.

Thanks for the reply.

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