8.02 system.gui.messageBox Functionally

I’m looking to use the system.gui.messageBox to alert users of abnormal condition when loading a recipe file.

What exactly does system.gui.messageBox stop when waiting for user to click OK?

Does it just stop the script that called it or does it prevent other event based scripts from running while waiting on user input?


system.gui.messageBox is a modal interrupt - meaning that it blocks everything on the ‘Event Dispatch Thread’ (a Java Swing UI concept). All script handling will be interrupted, unless you’ve specifically created an asynchronous thread before calling your message box.

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Is there a built in popup for displaying information that I could use as an alternative that would not interrupt script handling? I don’t need it to pause the script that causes it either the information is just for diagnostic purposes.

I could make a text box and call a popup with it on it but if there is something built in I would rather use that.

There is not, no - opening your own popups is the way to go.