8.1.1 Bidirectional binding on arrays not working as expected

If I set a bidirectional binding on an array element of a memory tag of a UDT instance in a Vision window, the UDT data type values get modified and the change is reflected on the other instances.


I created a test UDT with a memory tag with an integer array data type of five length and initialized them with the values [1,2,3,4,5].

I then create three instances of this data type and put a numeric text field component on a window for each array element of each instance:


When I modify the values so that Instance 1 is 10s and Instance 2 is 100s and Instance 3 is 1000s, here is what happens:


They will all be assigned the last value entered (the 30 and 300 will change to 3000 once I edit the next row)

The UDT definition changes as well:


The instances do get the override set, but this doesn’t matter:


If I modify the array of an instance in the tag editor, then it will become independent of the other instances and the UDT, but I think this should happen when the array is modified anywhere.

A colleague spoke to support about this and they determined this to be a bug.

Hi Phillip,

Any idea on a possible release that this will be fixed?


Sorry, Read the 8.1.2 release notes and it seems to be fixed now