8.1.1 Tag Overlay OPC_Not_Connected

Upgraded from 8.0.11 to 8.1.1. Components bound to opc tags are showing a red tag overlay (OPC_Not_Connected) for a several seconds or sometimes indefinitely after switching screens. Using ignition’s opc ua server and ab logix drivers. Tags are set up as leased tags with a 5 second slow rate and 1 second leased rate. Changing a tag to the default direct tag group fixes the issue, but changing the leased tag group to match the default direct tag group has no change.

When pressing a button while the tag overlay persists, the value that it’s driving still appears to change and the tag overlay will go away. When this happens when there are other components with tag overlays still present, those overlays will then persist until refreshing the screen.

There’s about 20k tags across 37 devices (all ab logix), and 36 clients. All tags are acting the same across every client and device. Changed all the tags in one client project to the default tag group and there’s no longer a problem with the tag overlays in that project.

Have tried changing various settings in the gateway and tag groups, with no positive difference. Nothing seems out of the ordinary in the logs or performance of the server as far as I can tell. Have a support ticket in with Inductive Automation, but any other insight would be welcome.


Try changing your stale timeout to longer than the slow rate.

Was this setting moved when they changed the scan class editor to the tag group editor? I’m not seeing a stale timeout or threshold in the new tag group editor.

Well, shoot. I didn’t notice the disappearance of this property.

I’m seeing the same thing with stale overlays on screen load in my development test environment. This had been fixed in 8.0.4/7 but seems to be broken again.

I’m pretty sure this issue was caused by our server. Our primary server failed recently and we loaded ignition on a dummy pc temporarily which had no issues with overlays. Once our new primary server was set up for production, we transferred our license to it and had the same problem with leased tags. The vm on the new server was set up identical to the old server when we had this issue originally.

Our cpu was running 90-101% (old server was around 60%) and causing more general latency related issues with our clients than before when we had just the overlay problem. Memory usage looked ok on the ignition browser trend, but on task manager it looked near maxed, although some of the numbers were deceptive on there. the vm was given another cpu core to work with and the dynamic ram was changed to static 16gb. Cpu usage went down considerably, hovering in the 30% range, and the memory trend looks like it’s operating more efficiently.

In any event, we have changed all of our tags back to leased and are not experiencing any more overlay issues.