8.1.12 Bug with Numeric Entry Field embedded as table column

Just noticed a bug on a perspective table that has multiple embedded views for various columns, including dropdowns, text fields, and numeric entry fields. In 8.1.11, everything worked as expected for all embedded views. In 8.1.12, the numeric entry field does not always display the cell value. So for example, I have a button click add an empty row to the table, and it gives the numeric entry field columns a null value to start out with. The numeric entry field for one of the columns will disable if the value is no longer null, but when I add the row, the null value doesn’t get passed in to the embedded view. I know this, because the params on the embedded numeric entry field is set to an empty string("") by default. In another example, the values for two columns that are rendered as the numeric entry field view are updated via a message handler script on the table, but the new value doesn’t display even though the updated value is there in the dataset. The only times that the numeric entry field embedded view does actually show the cell value is when the dataset query binding returns rows, or when I type a new value into the numeric entry field. I am going back to 8.1.11 at the moment or I would provide some screenshots. Happy to answer questions.

Could you supply the View which contains the Table (and the View used for rendering the NEF) so that we could attempt to replicate your experience? A sample dataset housed within the View would also be helpful, so that we’re not guessing as to how the data is supplied/formatted.

I have submitted a Help Center ticket for an issue similar to this (#34757). I had screenshots and explanations in the ticket. The support engineer acknowledged it as as a regression from 8.1.11 ti 8.1.12.

I don’t have access to issues opened in support, so you’ll need to wait for word from the support rep.

Update: it looks like the rep linked the ticket you mentioned to an open dev ticket we were already working on getting into the upcoming release.