8.1.14 designer will lost connection

my server is 8.1.14, when I design in the perspective module, it always in sometime the design will report fault as the picture shows.
I have to use task manager to close it and open the projecdt again , it will lost my design infomation while I have not save it, does anyone have the same issue?

Maybe look at the console and wrapper logs?

In the designer launcher, are you using IP or DNS? There is a known issue, external to Ignition, using DNS. Use IP.

If it is a DNS issue and you’re on Windows, CMD ipconfig/flushdns has worked well to bring the connection back for me. We figured out there were some DNS issues on corporate network and I rarely run into this since those were resolved.

@Matrix_Engineering, I wasn’t aware of a known issue with DNS and designer launcher. Any more details? Would this affect clients too?

It’s a different error message, connection lost to Gateway:

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I use IP , if my designer in vision never have issue , but when Perspective it have a big chance lost connection even when I open the designer on the ignition server