[8.1.14] Perspective Alarm Status Table - any way to set the row height?

Good Afternoon,

I’m working on an alarm status table screen and am having a hard time figuring out how to set the height of each row in Perspective. Is there an option in the Alarm Status Table properties that allows me to do this? If not, is there a setting I can make in a style class that would do this for me?


Hello DaveRNeal,

The settings to control the row height is the props.rowStyle.{the 4 alarm states}.base.lineHeight

You can fill in the property itself or use the “modify styles” to edit the text > then line height of each style. This will control the height of each row. Do remember you will have to enter/exit the Preview mode to prompt the designer to refresh the Alarm Table display.

You can also create a Perspective Style with the line height configured and set that for all of the rowStyles mentioned above.


Thanks for your input! That got me where I needed to be. I learned a couple things playing around with this:

  • minHeight and maxHeight was what I was looking for instead of lineHeight
  • Neither minHeight, maxHeight, nor lineHeight were available in the Properties menu, but adding it manually worked.
  • This might just be my lack of css knowledge, but I kept trying “line-height” instead of “lineHeight.” most webpages I come across have they keyword listed as “line-height” but it looks like all css keywords in Ignition are changed to be lowerCamelCase with hyphens removed.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a way to add these in a perspective Style Class. The only applied styles available are in the right portion of the window (Text, Background, Border, etc.).



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Neither jython nor javascript allow hyphens in variable or property names. Because it is the subtraction operator.

Hi Dave, do you mind sharing where exactly did you add in the properties minHeight and maxHeight? I have tried to add it in under the overall Props, rowStyles, each of the types( activeUnack etc) but still could not change the height of the rows..