8.1.17 Perspective Video Player always errors at 3:22 with 331MB video


  • Localhost gateway: Version 8.1.17
  • Production gateway: Version 8.1.17
  • Video sized 331MB
  • File is hosted on a file server that is not the gateway server
  • Web dev folder resource points to the folder where the file is saved in the previous bullet


  • The video component source is https:///system/webdev//videos/file.mp4
  • The video will play up until 3:22, and then the component becomes greyed out, the video stops playing, and an error overlay appears over the player, stating that the file is not valid.
  • Other users who use the production gateway report the same behavior; that the video player errors at 3:22.
  • Regardless if I play this video from my localhost or the gateway server, this error occurs at 3:22.
  • I don't believe that the issue is related to the video itself. When I change the web dev resource to point to somewhere on my machine, such as my documents, the video will play through to completion each time and never result in a file not valid error.
  • Is hosting the videos on a server other than the gateway the issue here?

The obvious way to test would be to put the video on the Gateway and try it that way. In theory what you're currently doing shouldn't be a problem, and sounds like maybe it has to do with the connection between the file server and the session. Have you tried other videos longer than this amount of time on that same file server?