8.1.20 Vision Client bug - Tree View component has selected folders white out when selected and I'm not sure how to fix

Good Morning,

I’ve come across a strange issue that I haven’t been able to find a topic for in the forums yet. In 8.1.20 I noticed that the Tree View component in the vision client seems to set the background color of a selected folder to be white, causing the selected text color to blend in with the background of the highlighted text. What’s strange is that the highlighted row is still blue but the background of the text itself is white. Is anyone else having this issue? It’s possible that this is happening in earlier versions; Below is a comparison of 8.1.14 and 8.1.20 (haven’t tried other versions between the two). This is not happening on the items, themselves. If I click on “Valve1” it works as intended, blue background, white text. Perhaps there’s a property that got added that I could change?

8.1.14: Dragged straight from the component palette

8.1.20:Dragged straight from the component palette


Thanks; this is a known issue we’re tracking internally.

Any update on this? I am having this same issue but it occurs on any selection not just the folders. This is on 8.1.22

The issue is fixed in 8.1.23+.

Okay great. Thanks!