8.1.32 Tag Browse Tree Search Results

The search feature added to the Tag Browse Tree in 8.1.32 is great however I think there's one thing that could greatly improve it's usability, and that is to have some flexibility in how the search results are returned. As it stands and as is demonstrated in the release blog example, if you have a tags that share the same name, as is often the case when using UDTs, you cannot tell one tag apart from another in the search results if all that is listed in the tag name. Having the option to include the full path (and therefore the full context of what equipment or object the tag name is associated with) would greatly improve the usability of this feature.

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I just installed a 8.1.32 docker container to play around with this component update, and this is also the reason I don't plan to use it unless there's an easy way to hack on a prefix or part of the tag path to identify which instance is which for hundreds or thousands of identically-named tags.

I'm also interested in choosing what displays in the tree, rather than just Tag.Name. If I could specify a binding or there were more properties, I could express part of the path (such as back to the UDT instance name) up to the Tag.Label or whatever property people use for a friendly name string.

Lots of other web apps have breadcrumbs or other options to display above the main name in data cards to handle things like this.

Seeing a stack of strings like Inverter 1/Module 2/Branch 3/Real Power will sure be more meaningful than seeing hundreds of results all displayed as Real Power.

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