8.1.34 Pulled, 8.1.35 Emergency Release

Ignition 8.1.34 has been removed from our website and will be replaced with 8.1.35 as soon as possible. The build includes an issue that causes remote tag states to reflect “Bad_Stale” quality in specific circumstances. This issue only applies to systems that leverage a remote tag provider (multiple Ignition gateways communicating over the Gateway Network).

Ignition 8.1.35 will be made available once the issue is fixed and tested. This version will be unchanged from 8.1.34 except for the fix. The update is expected to be available within 2 days or less.

If you’ve installed 8.1.34 and are affected by this issue, you have a couple of options:

  1. Revert to a prior version of Ignition. If you have a pre-8.1.34 Gateway backup, there is an option to revert the backend gateway to the previous version. An 8.1.34 Frontend works as expected.
  2. Stay on 8.1.34 and apply a workaround. Contact Inductive Automation Support to work around the issue with 8.1.34. This will involve installing additional modules on the backend gateway.

A new announcement will be posted when 8.1.35 is released. Inductive Automation recommends that all customers running 8.1.34 upgrade to the latest version once it is available.

This is a good opportunity to subscribe to email updates at the Security and Trust Portal. This update was also posted there and another will be submitted when Ignition 8.1.35 is released.