8.1.4 Invalid special characters

In my project i need to display words store in a plc using OPC UA Server.
My problem is the display of special characters is not woriking. For example ‘é’ is encode as $A9 in the plc but i can’t see it in ignition (see image). Currently, the encoding is such that the ‘é’ will display only if in the plc, the encode is $C3$A9. So, it is possible the change that or all tags in PLC need to be
rewrite for be able to see correctly °,é,è and other characters?

You should be able to encode the string.

I believe that it is really $E9 in the PLC, so that is what I will use in my example.

stringIn = 'pr\xE9paration'

print stringIn
print stringIn.encode('utf-8')



You didn’t mention whether this was in vision or perspective, but this should get you in the right direction.

Thanks for your answer, it is for vision. I would like to see the ‘é’ inside the tag directly when he come from the OPC, it is possible to change the encode somewhere for all the project or something like that?

If you’re using Ignition’s Logix driver then all String data is assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. There are no settings to change this, it is automatic when a String value is decoded or encoded.

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