8.1.8 LTS Pulled, 8.1.9 Emergency Release

After 8.1.8’s release, we found a fairly severe regression. As a result we’ve pulled version 8.1.8 from our website, and released version 8.1.9 as a patch for the issue.

The Issue

Upgrading to version 8.1.8 would reset the gateway’s HTTP, HTTPS, and Metro ports back to their default values (8088, 8043, and 8060, respectively). This is not intended behavior.


If a system has already been upgraded, then any ports there were not set to the default values before the upgrade need to be reconfigured after upgrade. This can be done from the Gateway’s Web Server page.

Alternatively, this can also be done by modifying the gateway.xml file in the gateway’s installation directory, and then restarting the gateway.

Version 8.1.9

We removed Ignition version 8.1.8 from our downloads page to protect any existing system that have not yet upgraded. Version 8.1.9 was recently released, which contains a patch that simply prevents the issue mentioned above.