8.1 - Perspective Report Viewer invalid Source Property

The Perspective ‘Report Viewer’ component is displaying the correct Report in the Designer, but ever since upgrading to v8.1, the Report Viewer component errors when opened in a web browser. The error text is ‘Enter a valid report in the “source” property in the Property Editor to display the report’. Did the source property syntax change with the new version?

It appears that passing parameters to the Report Viewer is the issue. To populate much of the report, I pass an ‘ID’ parameter to be used in the ‘Where’ clause. When what a valid ID is passed to the report, it errors as previously mentioned.

Can you provide more info about the the parameter in question? What’s the key:value, and value type in the ReportViewer component property configuration, and similarly, the same for the Report itself?

I just created a new report, and was able to use a parameter that was configured in the Report Viewer component, and it was properly reflected in the provided report. So it seems that parameters aren’t fundamentally broken, but we’re going to need to sort out this specific case.

Are there any errors in the gateway or designer logs?

Thanks for reaching out! I figured it out. One of the parameters passed to the report is read from a tag value and the tag path was modified when going from development to live. The incorrect tag path resulted in the aforementioned error.