8.1 Popup not updating


I’m trying to create a popup with the Perspective module with a passed UDT parameter.
I’ve made the popup it self and managed to pass the UDT into it and I see that the data within the popup represents the data on the PLC but if I change any of the values on the PLC side while the popup is open it doesnt reflect the actual values before I close and open the popup again.

Am I missing something in the configuration or something? The way I linked up the UDT param is that I navigated to the UDT property of a symbol I used in the screen it self as its the same object.

The parameters passed to a view are only evaluated when the view is loaded, they’re not updated afterward.

I can see several solutions to this, depending on how you do things.
The simplest would be to pass the path to your tag instead of its value, and read from that path in your popup with a binding, which will get reevaluated when the tag’s value changes.
Would that work for you ?


This sounds like an alright solution.
I will try this thanks!

This is the only way that I would ever do this. I always pass at least 3 parameters to my device popups:

  • deviceParentPath
  • deviceName
  • controlEnable

In the popup, I combine the deviceParentPath with the deviceName to give me deviceTagPath, then I indirectly bind to that. controlEnable is a boolean I can pass in to enable/disable control if I need to.

Heh, I had to resort to using messages for things that were not tags.