8.1 Printing to Gateway Logs

I’m trying to print to Gateway Diagnostic / Logs from a Button Event of onClick using either of the below methods with no success.

system.perspective.print(message=“Hello World”, destination=“gateway”)

logger = system.util.getLogger(‘testlogger’)
logger.info(‘Hello World’)

I can get it to print to the “Output Console” in the Designer (leave destination off), or to the Web Console in the Web Session, but cannot get the output written to the “Diagnostic logs”
Appreciate any help I can get.

Make sure that in the Log Configuration you have set the Level for your logger to at least Info.

Have you tried it with the project open in a separate browser?

Thanks. In the original post I had launched the Gateway in Edge as well as the Web Session in Edge. After your suggestion I launched the Gateway in Chrome and the Web Session in Edge. That worked when using Logs and writing to the Gateway, however, still does not work for system.perspective.print to the gateway and I’ve tried both destination=“gateway” and destination = “all”. BTW, when I use destination = “all”, it does write to the Output Console from the designer and to the Web Console in a Web Session but not to the gateway.