8.1 RC download size?

Noticed the downloads are now 1.5 gb instead of the usual sub 1gb.

it must be related to the perspective workstation flavour for win/linux/mac

Probably to include the necessary packages for the perspective workstation client launcher

Yes, it’s Workstation + other minor things:

kevin@Kevins-MacBook-Pro ~/D/Ignition-osx-8.1.0-rc1> du -h lib
775M	lib/core/launch
 74M	lib/core/common
 17M	lib/core/designer
 24M	lib/core/client
 81M	lib/core/gateway
972M	lib/core
123M	lib/runtime
217M	lib/opt/jxbrowser
217M	lib/opt
1.3G	lib

lib/core/launch is a fatty at 775MB, containing all the various launchers.

I imagine it will grow again when we have to support MacOS/ARM, and perhaps again if we get a runtime together that can do launchers on Linux/ARM

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Maybe time to break it up? With all the platform-independent modules and libraries in a common zip download? (That the executable installers know how to download if not present alongside, perhaps.)

Maybe along with breaking modules into their own releases… (: