8.1: Report component cause other pages not open

I upgrade my project from 8.0.12 to 8.1 rc1.
After I open my view that include report component, when I navigate to other pages they render blank white screen and I need to close and reopen session to make them render correctly. This only happens if I open my report page. The report page only include report component and some inputs field components.

Is this in Perspective or Vision?


Any errors in the console logs, Nader?

Unfortunately nothing. As I understand if some other plugin or app lie IDM(internet download manger) intervene and try to download the PDF result this happen and cause “Failed to Fetch” error on report component.
And after that even other pages doesn’t load or stuck at Loading 99% forever until I restart the session.
This behavior is only for 8.1.

The interesting is any embedded view I add in this view show full transparent as shown in below image.


Same happen with powerchart, most of its part render transparent in this view!!!

Hi @ynejati Any update on this?

Sorry, I was out for a week taking care of some business. I’m looking into this now. Did you ever figure it out?

Thanks. I only find out that this happen in only this view with any embedded view and some comments like powerchart.

Okay. I think the issue is actually with the ReportViewer. Using the project you provided, if the report does not load, your page does not load. This is a regression and will be fixed in rc3.

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