8.1 Vision client Launcher installation issues on 64bit Raspberry Pi

I'm currently running into issues trying to get Vision Client to run on my Raspberry Pi. I have it running the latest version of the 64bit Raspbian OS. Downloaded the Client Launcher from my Gateway on the primary computer, downloaded as a .tar file. I unzipped that and have been unable to get it to actually execute. What I have done and tried so far:

  • I have Java OpenJDK v.11 installed
  • it's stored in my "usr/local/ignition" folder
  • everything has execute permissions
  • if I try executing the (.desktop) Launcher file by double clicking it does nothing
  • executing the (.desktop) Launcher file by command line gives errors
  • using the "sudo ./name start" on the .sh file in the app folder does nothing
  • using the "sudo ./name start" on the .jav file in the app folder errors out

Any suggestions on what to do to move forward?

Client launchers do not work on RPis, even the 64 bit ones, you have to bootstrap it with legacyClient.sh
Version 8 32-bit vision clients - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum


JavaFX is not available on most ARM cpus, so anything in Ignition that depends on it will fail. The legacy launcher doesn't need javafx itself, and can therefore launch any client that also doesn't need javafx. (IIRC, you cannot use the JxBrowser component without javafx.)


IIRC Liberica claims to support JavaFX. I've not had the opportunity to try it yet.
EDIT: To clarify, I use Liberica on my Pi's but haven't tried JavaFX things yet.


I’m interested in how to bootstrap this using legacy.SH
As I have the same issue as the original poster.

So my questions are:
1: where do I get the files required to launch a vision client on my raspberry pi 4
2: what are the install steps
2:a I have a blank pie ready to go so can start from scratch.

The reason for the need to put on a PI.

  • I currently have a redlion cr3000 HMI that has its own MQTT & OPCUA server built in . I am using this HMI as a simple data collection device (every 1 second a tag is updated and used as a trigger for a transition group)
    This captures the state of various HMI button states as tags each second to a sql server.

I wanted to do the same with a PI but use ignition vision to be the HMI.
(Can’t use perspective as I only have a vision client licence)
So I want the PI to boot up and autostart a vision client project (auto logon project built)

Any guidance on how I can achieve what I want to do using a pi4

  • note I have a 10” touchscreen connected to the PI.
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