8.1.x Stable version?

In last weeks webinar it was said that 8.1 would be officially released today. In the version download I can see “8.1.1 LTS Nightly” and “8.1.0 LTS RC3”. I would expect an official version to be named something like “8.1.0 LTS Stable” in the same manner that 8.016 is named.

Will be an 8.1.x LTS stable release sometime soon?

Keep in mind that, as of your post, it’s only 11:43am in Folsom. My neurons barely start firing until 2pm.

Hey, I’ve been looking since Saturday on the off chance that you guys would slip it in early :wink:

Not an employee, but an avid fellow waiting as you are. :slight_smile:

An series of unfortunate events forced me to put RC3 into production with only moslty-done updates of my projects. A lot of entropy happened over the years, as some of these were originally in FactorySQL/FactoryPMI (Ignition before it was Ignition) circa 2008-ish.

I’ve been short of sleep since, but may be able to at least get a short nap once stable is released and safely installed.

Just kidding, I rarely sleep.


I don’t know this word “sleep”? Is that an inside joke or something?


Some of us creaky old geezers need our beauty rest. /:


Others of us are now learning what the meaning of insomnia is /s

And to make it worse, the sun now comes through my window and hour earlier than last week … grrr

You have a window? Can’t remember when last I saw the sun, more a lightening of the sky. :smile:

Not only do I have a window, my office looks out over a nice mountain landscape. Oh did I mention the 300+ days a year of blue sky, the hundreds of square miles of wilderness around me and the overall mild climate ?? :smiley:

In case you haven’t seen by the way, its out, its not the default download, but if you go to the “Other versions” page its the default

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It’s up now. https://inductiveautomation.com/downloads/


Thanks for that!