[9480] Report Viewer: Page buttons do not work with "Page Layout" = Continuous

Good afternoon.

In Ignition 8.0.3, if a report is designed with “Page Layout” = Continuos, then in a “report viewer” (Vision) the page buttons do not work (the page number increases / decreases but the “report viewer” is not positioned on the indicated page).
When the buttons are pressed, the report always remains on the same page. To change the page, you have to use the scrollbar.

I think this is confusing.

Report (“Design” tab):


Report Viewer (Vision):

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Can someone help me?

I can see how this is confusing, since it looks like there’s more than one page but Continuous behaves like a single page.

I’ll make a ticket for this. At the very least, we should hide the non-operable buttons when the layout is Continuous.

Good afternoon.

The best option would be change the page by pressing the arrow buttons, typing the number or using the scroll bar, as in Adobe Reader.

Thank you.