A-B SLC 5/05 Manual Addressing

I’m working on a project that involves a SLC 5/05, but I’m developing offline so it looks like I’ll have to manually address all the tags, which is fine. It’s not completely clear to me how to enter the OPC Item Path for a tag such as this: N11:32/12.

Is it something like this? [PLC_Name]_Meta:N11/N11:32/N11:32/12? Or will I have to use B memory to have access to individual bits like this? Please advise.

You can address it to the bit level:


The only thing I’ve had Issues with is in physical I/O addressing of 32-bit cards, and DeviceNet I/O. In that instance, it was much easier to map it to a ‘B’ area.

Thanks very much. All I had to go by was the built in SLC simulator, and the addressing was really strange and didn’t appear to allow bit level addressing. This will be a lot easier than I thought. Thanks again.