A call for gateway backups / internal DBs

As some of you are aware we have a new file-based project system in development for Ignition 8. This means that majority of what is currently stored inside the internal DB will instead be stored in files and folders on the disk.

An important part of this feature, as you might imagine, is converting your existing projects and resources to the new on disk format. We’re building and testing the conversion routine so it’s as robust as possible, but there’s no limit to the amount of strange scenarios we might see when customer DBs start getting converted.

So… I ask you all to please send me any/all gateway backup or config.idb files you have access to and allow me to test the conversion process on it :slight_smile:

You can expect the same confidentiality of your data as you would when sending a backup into support - the DBs will only be used to test and verify the conversion process and then deleted.

You can email them to me (my first name at inductiveautomation.com) and if that doesn’t work PM me and I’ll try to get a dropbox link to upload to.