A couple of ignition questions

Hi all,

I have a few scripting questions, hope someone can help out.

Q1. Whether there’s a “self.xxx” expression to call the the object’s own parameter?

  • I created a template with a few labels in it to indicate the alarm message. It has a template parameter called “ALM_TYPE”.
  • I created two instances on a faceplate popup to indicate five alarms by assigning the “ALM_TYPE” to 0 to 4.
  • I want to assign expression to the “visible” property of each instance to check whether the individual alarm is active. I tried the following expression but it shows fault. Instead I need to follow the path “{Root Container.Container.xxxx.ALM_TYPE}” to find this parameter.
    Case ({self.ALM_TYPE},
    0, tag({Root Container.TAG_NAME} + “/ALM_BADIO”),
    1, tag({Root Container.TAG_NAME} + “/ALM_HH”),
    2, tag({Root Container.TAG_NAME} + “/ALM_H”),
    3, tag({Root Container.TAG_NAME} + “/ALM_L”),
    4, tag({Root Container.TAG_NAME} + “/ALM_LL”),

Q2. How to make a object visible if this object is part of template instance and the visible property is linked to a expression in the template?

  • I created a template with a label in it.
  • The visible property of this label is linked to a indirect addressing read-only tag
  • a instance of this template is called
  • even though I ticked the visible property of the instance to true, it’s still invisible because internally it’s linked to the actual tag in the template.
  • If I don’t link the visible property to the tag inside the template but instead link it externally while calling this template, it’s ok to override the visible property. But it then caused the issue mentioned in question 1.

Q3. Quite often, when I click “disable the gateway communication” on the designer page, the whole comms is gone even after I click “full read/write” button. It comes back only after I restart the gateway. It is something normal? Or it’s could be my installation wasn’t right?

Q4. I used a “Tag Strip” in a faceplate, the image in the default tab does not display when starting up the page for the first time, I need to click the other tab and come back to this tab to have the image displayed. But the text works fine.

Q5. I used a sparkline chart in the faceplate, using “DB Browse” to pull data from DB. The polling rate is set to “Absolute 1s”. But the Trend does not refresh by itself unless there’s a value change. I used the same query to display the values in a table, the table refresh every 1 second. I can see the Dataset is increasing the Row counts but the trend is not updating.

Appreciate in advance.