A couple of questions about IP Camera Viewer


reading an old topic (inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … era+status), I’ve found the following statement:

“[…] the connection to the IP camera is actually initiated directly from the Client itself, it is not relayed through the Gateway. This means that the Clients need network access to the IP camera itself.[…]”

Since the post is very old and at the moment I am not able to check it (I’ve not an IP camera to test) I would ask if anyone could tell me how actually the IP camera viewer works: does the client still need network access to the camera?

I also would take this opportunity to ask you another question: how can I check if the IP Camera Viewer is displaying the video stream (or simply check if the url works properly)? I found no properties or tricks that could give me such information… My goal is to set the color of a led accordingly with the camera status (offline/ok)…

Thank you,