A little help, scripting

false alarm

right after I posted the code, I saw the mistake was the location of the script

I don’t know the etiquette.
It is okay I ask for help for things like this?

Perfectly fine to ask things like that, but what you shouldn’t do though is replace your original post with something saying you fixed it, now with no context… Also, a more descriptive title would be better for people to be able to search for if they have similar issues. The forum is about building a support knowledgebase, even for seemingly “stupid questions” or dumb mistakes, as these may help someone else whose brain has retired for the day :upside_down_face:

Also, I think you’re missing a .value at the end of these lines:


readBlocking returns an array of QualifiedValue objects which have the properties value, quality, and timestamp.
If you want to compare its value, then you need to use: