A loading screen that hides all red boxes/overlays templates

I have a popup that has a few templates that populate with a db query (which is managed in the template, not avaiable via the popup window properties browser).

I have a big loading gif that is a template that I want to cover everything until all the data is loaded. I gave it a dark grey background.

Inside of the internalFrameActivated event, I do the following:

rc = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getRootContainer()
loadingVeil = rc.getComponent("Loading_Veil")
rc.setComponentZOrder(loadingVeil, 100)
loadingVeil.visible = True

def turnOffLoading(loadingVeil = loadingVeil):
    loadingVeil.visible = False

# other code is here
# ...
# other code here


The veil does come and go and thats fine. My issue is that one of the templates on screen, which is basically just 3 text area boxes, temporarily had the red box while it’s trying to query for it’s data.

And the other two templates, both combo boxes, simply break through the dark grey background in a very obvious manner.

How can I 1) stop the red boxes from appearing in the template text area boxes and 2) make the template combo boxes not appear above my loading veil component?

  1. Disable overlays for the component bindings

  1. Tried moving the overlay to the front?

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That does work for the red boxes, thank you.

Any reason why the white of the text areas/combo boxes is still cutting through my dark grey loading veil with Z-Index 100?

Guess you are using transparency on a rectangle? IMO rectangles and transparency (and a lot of other stuff) bugs in a lot of ways. If you are using a rectangle, try to use an empty container instead.

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You know what, it looks kind of cool with all the boxes shining through, I’m going to call this a feature not a bug. Thanks though I’ll go the container route if need be.