A perspective component like the vision timer component

In Vision, there is a timer component that makes animation relatively easy. There does not seem to be an equivalent in Perspective. Is there a way to imitate the timer component in Perspective?

You should reconsider. That works well in Vision because all the code you write to drive your animation runs right there in the client. Perspective will have to send every little thing back and forth between gateway and browser.

There are all kinds of posts here about using CSS animations in Perspective. You really want to go that route.


If you explain what you're trying to animate, we could possibly offer up some help.


Perspective style classes have a GUI for animating things. It's not as powerful/complete as direct css animation, but it's a solid base.
If it's not enough, 8.1.21 introduced the stylesheet, which allows custom css to be written directly in the designer/