A question about logging and the SDK

where the logger information to be displayed?

for example:

Logger log;
where “someinforamtion” is to be displayed

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Ignition uses Log4J for logging. By default, when you log, the output will go to:

  1. The “Console”, which you can view by logging into the gateway and selecting “console” from the left
  2. The rolling “wrapper.log” files in the log directory, under the install directory
  3. The binary log file that we maintain, also under the log directory, which is used to display the console in the gateway. But, it can also be useful to send to us, when we need to troubleshoot a problem.

Since we are using Log4J, though, if you learn about that system, you can modify the logging system through the “log4j.properties” file to log to other places as well. I won’t quite go into that here, but if you have something particular in mind, we might be able to help.

Also, just for the sake of being complete, I just want to point out that you should be getting the logger class by calling “LogManager.getLogger(…)”, making sure to use the LogManager class from Log4J, and not the other one (from java.logging, I think).


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