A question about OPCUA module developing

I have read the example of Ignition-ModuleSDK-7.2.8\example\ModbusDriver-v2.it is difficult to understand,a question:the device use tcp protocol to read the modbus data,but I could’t find any code to get data through tcp socket?where is code to get data from the modbus device?thank you very much.

AbstractNioDriver provides the networking bits and pieces. You can see the Modbus driver extends from this and then implements the required createConnectRequest() and messageLength() calls.

This is entirely optional - you can make your own network connections and extend directly from AbstractDriver if you want. (This is also optional; a driver really only needs to implement the Driver interface when all is said and done.)

Thank your very much,.
Can you tell me which code is sending the original data to modubus driver and which code is receiving original data from the modbus driver,thank you.