A very handy utility for Ignition designers

If you do a lot of gateway scripting, which sends all output from print statements and error messages to the wrapper log, this utility should be very helpful for you. Some of you have surely used the tail command in a Unix/Linux environment to show the end of a text file. Baretail is a utility that steps it up a notch by displaying the end of a text file, then watches that text file, and inserts any new text that is added to it at the bottom, as it comes in.

So, for the wrapper log, you just start Baretail, open up the wrapper.log file in it, then script away. If you embedded print statements to see what is happening in your script, as soon as they execute, Baretail will scroll everything up and insert them at the bottom. No need to close the wrapper.log in Notepad and reopen it to see any new lines of text.

It also has the ability to watch for certain text, and color code the line that contains that text so it stands out and catches your eye when it appears. You can download the free version, or pay the $25.00 for the deluxe version, if you like. The website is:


I hope you find it as useful as I do.

This tool is very useful! The first time I saw it was when a customer called in with an issue, this proved to be a very handy tool.

That would be me, Greg. :slight_smile: I just wanted to let everyone else know about it too.

Good deal :thumb_left:

Thanks RRRancher! Baretail is really lightweight, slick, and easy to use. I won’t mess with log files without it in the future.