A very noob question: Designer Tag Browser, Tag Data Type:

Apologies if this the wrong place - first post here.

First fiddling with maker edition (not that I have experience with any other version).
I setup gateway with a modbustcp device connection to an Adam 6017 server (which will be I/O for an electric smoker).

Comparing the tag value in the Tag Browser (reading holding register 1), within ignition designer, it jibes with modbus poll reading the same location as a signed integer.

Which is great! For just unboxing.


However, while modbuspoll can be set to display the holding register as unsigned, I cannot see how to do that same trick with my tag, no matter the data type used, short, int, long, double etc… ( This tag was manually defined within the designer, i.e. not in the device dialog on the gateway)


Not that it likely matters much, eventually I’ll be working with floats and booleans, but I thought I’d ask.

Seems I need to read the Modbus Addressing Topic Better.
[Device]HR1 vs [Device]HRUS1