A way to grab all point/tag paths on just the client screen/current view that is active

Our goal is for when we are viewing a screen we created we want to be able to just grab all the UDT and the tags under them just for that screen/view we are on. For now we would have to grab everything, which is overkill for what we need to do. I tried to find it in the forms and looked at a a few ignition functions but could not find out if this is possible.

We will use this information to build a pop up that creates a historic/Realtime view of the current open screen's visuals that a user can activate as needed. This will connect to all the tag points, no matter if the view contained embedded views, flex container, etc. only the current view/screen only. Then passes those point to the historic viewer mode as needed.

Does ignition have a function or something that we can use to grab these points in this way?