Aalarm based on roles

I have alarms set on many tags, but I want some users to only see some alarms and not all. How can I configure it?
thanks you

Vision, ignition 8

You mean in the alarm table?

In that table, you have a number of filters, like the source filter and the display path filter.

In case your roles follow the tag structure, you can create a little table to map the roles to tag folders, and filter on those folders with a wildcard.

If your roles don’t follow the tag tree structure, you should use the displaypath property of the tags, and encode the role into the displaypath in some way. Note that here again, the filter supports wildcards, so you can still filter on other things too.

We generally have our projects split up in a few levels of zones, and show an icon for the number of alarms per zone or subzone. If someone clicks on that icon, they get a list with only the alarms for that zone, filtered by alarmdisplaypath.