AB compactlogix Device Connection= Alternate connecting/Idle

1769-L30ER/5530ER rev20.14 when added as device in gateway status alternates between connecting and Idle.
Device shows up in ignition OPC-UA server but no tags?

Are you using the Legacy Allen Bradley driver for versions 20 and prior? It is a different selection when you create the device.

Yes I tried the legacy driver and logix driver.

I am also having the same issue with a 1769-L30ER/5370 Rev28.011

There are 2 NAT devices in use. I am able to upload and download AB PLC and AB HMI program across both NAT’s.

Public IP scheme on 1st NAT (192.168.1.#) similar to private IP scheme on 2nd NAT(192.168.1.#).
Per conversation with NAT maker this isn’t a valid thing for me to do.

Resolution would require 1st NAT public IP modification or 2nd NAT private IP modification.