AB Control Logix Warnings

Good Morning, I sporadically get the following series of warnings in my gateway log file for all Compact Logix PLC’s that I have connected to Ignition. I do not see any of these warnings on the Control Logix PLC’s that are connected. I have read in previous forums that is was a bug and it was fixed in a previous version than what I am running (V8.0.6). Can you assist with helping me identify a possible source of my warnings?

These aren’t any bug I’m aware of - they’re exactly what they say. Some requests aren’t getting a response in time.

Usual causes would be things like network traffic or increased comms load on the PLC. Maybe some other software or another Ignition gateway (dev or backup) is online with it now or something.

Hi Kevin, Thank you for pointing me in a different direction. I have been looking at the PLC’s CPU time slice percentage on my Compact Logix and have given communications more time but that has not solved the problem. If I understand you correctly, It could be caused by another gateway or program (or both) that is communicating with the Compact Logix PLC’s simultaneously? If that is the case, would this not cause the Control Logix PLC’s to produce the same errors because they have more memory onboard to handle multiple communication requests? I am fairly positive that our network connections are robust as they are on a fiber backbone.

Just guesses, I can’t tell you for certain why the “Bulk Silos” device doesn’t respond occasionally (if there are others it’s not happening in the screenshot you provided).

OK. Guesses are good enough for me at this point. You gave me alternate options to track down. Thanks and Merry Christmas.